MasterMind Professional Development Networking is not your ordinary networking experience.
No “shaking hands, kissing babies and collecting business cards!”
You will be networking with top professionals and business owners whose focus is to grow their business through relationships, qualified referrals, commitment and education.


Accountability | Education | Ongoing Training | Revenue Focused | Strategic Growth



  • Location: Botanero Restaurant
    800 Pleasant Drive #160, Rockville, MD 20850
  • Professional Attire
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Our two-hour structured meetings are purposeful, engaging, and will prove to be an excellent investment of your time. The meeting begins with networking, where our members and guests interact, build, and strengthen relationships. Included in each meeting is the MasterMind Minute, where you communicate “who you are, what you do and the type of referral you are looking for.” Our “Master the Mind” segment is a unique feature of each meeting where members are challenged, trained and coached to be better networkers, proactive referral passers and stronger professionals. We end our meetings passing referrals and discussing success. The goal is to leave the meetings engaged, enthused, and excited to network for your Team. Please join us and see firsthand how we “Master the Possibilities!”

MasterMind Professional Development is the networking group you hope to find every time you attend another disappointing networking meeting. The professionals involved are top notch, experienced leaders and along with the education and accountability aspects create a high level networking experience that truly provides you the value you are looking for. --Brett A. Friedman, CFP® / Deleon & Stang
  • Educational

    “Susan Bierly is an inspiration; to hear her speak is motivating, educational and action packed. Susan brings a contagious energy to each presentation for all to admire, enjoy and emulate.”
    --Steven Feyes / Branch Manager / Raymond James

  • Motivating

    "Today's meeting was incredible. Very focused and concise. Thanks to you, I have a clearer picture on how to effectively communicate my business better. I will keep you posted on the results as I implement what I learned today. Thanks again and have a wonderful day.”
    --Kenny Bae / Sales / Darcars

  • Impressive

    "I was very impressed. You have a great model for Networking… Actually, the best I have ever seen. I felt like I was back at U of MD, in a Sales & Marketing class. You would make an excellent professor!”
    --Lynda Rothschild / Marketing / Town and Country

  • Inspiring

    “I think I can speak for our entire team and say that Susan did a FANTASTIC job yesterday morning! Her assistance with the training was educational, motivational and inspiring! Send her to train us anytime! Thank you!”
    --Hope Joyce / Dir of Marketing / AAA Warman Home Care

  • Giving Back

    You were a BIG hit! Susan came as a guest speaker for Empowered Women International's Grow My Business Class. The evening discussion was Cultivating Long Lasting Relationships and Networking. She spoke with immigrant, refugee and low-income women that are pursuing their dreams of owning their own businesses. Her presentation was amazing. Every single woman learned at least 10 new things about networking and how to follow-up. We are very grateful for her time and expertise.
    --Laura Levengard / Md. Trainer / Empowered Women Int'l

  • Respect

    "You get so much respect when you speak! Very impressed. I always pick up good information and reminders how to network better.”
    --Jeff Stempler / Loan Officer / HomeBridge Financial Srvs

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